David Hogg Calls For Another Mass Walkout…On 4/20…

Hannah Bleau

David Hogg is calling for another student walkout, because he has nothing better to do and is probably super irritated that America couldn’t care less what he has to say about the Second Amendment. It’s not going anywhere. A bunch of emotionally-driven kids– JK, ADULTS…Hogg is an ADULT now– aren’t changing that.

But here we are. Hogg hasn’t gotten enough attention lately, and AR-15s are still legal, so another walkout it is! He REFUSES to allow his 15 minutes of fame to die out!

Notice that Hogg is calling for EVERYONE to walk out. Like, EVERYONE. Even if you’re a functioning, working adult WALK OUT. If you’re a fast food worker, ditch the customers and WALK OUT. If you work in retail, leave customers hanging in line and WALK OUT. If you’re a receptionist, stop answering the phones and WALK OUT. If you’re a physical therapist, leave your patient on the mat and WALK OUT. If you’re a heart surgeon, stop in the middle of surgery and WALK OUT.

He may be an adult, but he still thinks like a child. (Also, what will walking out of your own house accomplish? I’m genuinely curious. Help me understand the logic behind that.)

Also…did anyone else notice the date? 4/20…?


h/t Twitchy