CNN’s Brian Stelter Desperately Tries To Make ‘Sense’ Of Trump’s Tweets, Fails Miserably

Hannah Bleau

Poor Brian Stelter. President Trump is making his job difficult.

Stelter is whining, because he’s incapable of making sense of Trump’s tweets. I’m dead serious. This is a complaint now. He probably COULD understand the tweets if he wanted to, but these elites believe such work is beneath them. They’re intellects. They shouldn’t have to analyze what this clown says!

This is how they think. Most “journalists” are total partisan elitists. Never forget that.

Anyway, watch this. It’s hysterical.

Trump is just SWINGING WILDLY! He’s swinging all over the place and smashing tables and breaking glassware and desperately hoping something sticks! There’s “no sense to be made!”

Uh, no. You just suck at your job.

It’s almost as if the Brian Stelters of the world have had their heads elsewhere (and by elsewhere, I mean a little south of their current region, if you know what I mean) this entire time. Have they not been paying attention? He’s been POTUS for over a year. Do they really not understand Trump and his style by now? The whole, “I’m so shocked and outraged” schtick is stale and moldy.

You can say THAT again.


Either step it up or get some new material. That’s all I’m saying.