Alex Jones Is Crying. Literally Crying.

Hannah Bleau

There’s one millennial thing I’m guilty of. You’ve probably noticed. I use “literally” a lot, even when something isn’t literal. I’m trying to break the habit, but I’m definitely guilty of ruining the effectiveness of that particular word.

That being said, when I say literally here, I really, truly mean it. Alex Jones is LITERALLY crying. Tears are falling off his face.

Behold. His raw reaction to the US-led strikes on Syria:

That was quite the performance.

This happened right after.

This man is utterly unhinged in every way imaginable. Why do people take him seriously?

It gets weirder…

Now for the grand finale. Look at this, and turn your volume down. I repeat, TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN. This is an extremely explicit rant. You don’t want kids or sweet grandmothers hearing this.

What in the world?! Did Alex Jones just top himself? I think he did, and that’s saying something…

That is the question…

h/t Twitchy