Kimber Was Too Nice In Her Update About Donald Trump Jr’s Divorce. I’m Not Going To Be.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Last night, at around 5pm, Kimber wrote a post that rumors were swirling around the internet that Donald Trump Jr and his wife Vanessa were splitting up.

In her post, she included a sourcelink (to the Daily Mail) and commented that she really hoped the rumors about the “possible split” weren’t true, that it was really sad, especially since kids are involved, and that she wished them the best, regardless. But the Daily Mail was just one of many sources she could have cited. The rumors were absolutely EVERYWHERE.

And you guys, the backlash we got on Facebook about sharing the news was absolutely unbelievable. BEHOLD:

You don’t even wanna KNOW the extent to which my lip was bleeding when I was reading some of these comments.

First of all, we didn’t post it BECAUSE everyone was posting it.  We posted it because it was a huge story that we weren’t about to pretend wasn’t happening, and we had stuff to say about it.  It was clear from Kimber’s post that we weren’t confirming the story – we were simply reporting that rumors were swirling about the possible split.  Since the very moment we started this website, we have said that our site is NOT A NEWS SITE.  Our site is literally the on line version of having a Girls’ Night Out (GNO) with us.  And if we’d been out on a GNO at around 5pm yesterday, THIS IS WHAT WE’D HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT.

I have no idea what “childish games” Denise thought we were playing.  We own every bit of what we did, and we’d do it again.  And if we lose Denise or others, because they can’t deal with the fact that we talk about things that are trending in the news cycle, then we’re OK with that.  Not everyone wants to sit with us on GNOs.  And there are plenty of people that we’d rather not sit with either.

The Daily Caller is a liberal rag?  Mediaite is a liberal rag?  All the talk radio shows who were covering the story at the same time yesterday are liberal rags?  Seriously?  Brenda, please.  And I’m not sure who Kathy thinks we should have “checked” with.  I don’t have Vanessa or Don Jr. in my contacts.  Again, we weren’t confirming the story.  We were telling people what we thought about the rumors swirling around.  Kimber could not have been more clear about that.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I started copying/pasting my answer to all of these holier-than-thou folks. And so did Lorraine, who TOTALLY had our backs (Thanks, Lorraine!).

I’m gonna try typing this slowly to see if it helps.







We’re chicks who like writing our opinions about stuff.  That’s who we’ve always been, that’s who we are now, and that’s who we’ll continue to be.  FOREVER AND EVER MORE.  We like to let people know what we see going on in the world and on the web, so sometimes our commentary is brief.  But more often than not, we have plenty to say about plenty of stuff.

Guess who Donald Trump Jr and Vanessa made their official statement to, Dawn?  PAGE SIX.  And I’m not sure what Cindy was even talking about.  Kimber specifically said in her post that she hoped it WASN’T true.

Side Note:  The debate between Lorraine and Barbara got heated.  I haven’t included it all here, but you’re welcome to see the post for yourself.

And this comment?  This one was my favorite:

I wonder if Janice “deleted” us before or after we banned her from our page.  I suppose it doesn’t matter.  She’s definitely not someone we want at GNO.

Anyway, for future reference, if there are rumors that start springing up about highly public individuals that seem credible, we’re going to talk about them, EVEN IF they haven’t yet been acknowledged by the parties involved.  You know why?  Because we’re not a news site.  We just talk about what’s making news.

Hope that clears everything up.