Media Matters Comes After The Chicks. Oh, Media Matters. Bless Your Hearts.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

You guys, we just got the most hilarious email from some dude at Media Matters, and if this is the kind of “reporting” that they are busying themselves with, the Left is waaaaaaaay more pathetic than we even thought.


If that’s too hard to read, here’s the text in its entirety:


I’m a reporter for Media Matters. We’re writing a story noting your relationship with Young Conservatives LLC and are hoping to get a comment and clarification from you.

Could you confirm that you work with Young Conservatives? Is there a financial relationship? If so, does the company pay you or do you pay the company to help manage your Facebook page?

We’ve found a post on your Facebook page that promotes Young Conservatives content and contained identical language that was used by multiple pundits. See:

Could you explain why that post contained language that also appear under other people’s Facebook accounts in the Young Conservatives network?

We’re looking at a deadline of 12:30pm EST.

Thanks, Eric Hananoki


We found this absolutely hilarious for a few reasons.

1. It is absolutely none of Media Matters’ business (or anyone’s, really) who we work with, what financial relationships we have, and who pays us or who we pay. I am actually kind of stunned that this Eric dude thinks he has any right to even ask those questions. Were these people raised in a barn?
2. Media Matters is working on an Actual Story about this, as if it’s Actually Important. Holy crap.
3. Media Matters is giving us deadlines to provide comments about a story that’s likely to be filled with conspiracy theories and outright lies, because this is how desperate they are for content. I can’t wait to see if we colluded with Russia.

But because Media Matters feels that this is story-worthy, I figured we might as well break the story for them. Daisy initially thought maybe we should respond to the email, but her language was going to be way too colorful, so we opted to simply beat them to the story-punch. 🙂

Here’s the deal. Once a day, usually sometime in the evening hours, we share a post from our friends, the Young Conservatives, on our Facebook page, which we and ONLY WE manage. They, in turn, share one of our posts on their Facebook page. It’s a lovely partnership – one that allows us to cross-promote with our respective audiences. It costs us nothing to share their posts, and it costs them nothing to share ours. It’s a mutual swap, if you will. Once a day. And we share their story the way it appears on their page, and they share our story the way it appears on our page – hence, the identical language. It’s less work that way, you see. It appears, from the OH-SO-SCANDALOUS link that Media Matters included in their email, that the Young Cons have similar relationships with other folks as well. Good for them, I say. I love to see conservatives helping each other out. The more the conservative message gets out to the masses, the better!

We’ve known the Young Cons for YEARS – almost as long as we’ve had our site, in fact. We knew them when they were fresh out of Dartmouth, doing hip hop video routines. They’re great guys, they’re our dear friends, and we’re happy to have the post-swapping partnership with them. They’re also really tech savvy, and have been super helpful to us about web stuff, which is not our forte.

I’m sorry, for Eric Hananoki’s sake, that there isn’t more drama and intrigue to this story. Eric is a former segment producer for the Al Franken show, so it should be all kinds of fascinating to see what twists and turns the story takes!

Stay tuned. 🙂