President Trump Is Examining Border Wall Prototypes In California Today

Hannah Bleau

President Trump has had a crazy busy day so far. He kicked off the morning by firing (now former) Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Even though Trump said the two discussed this beforehand, it sounds like Trump’s quick decision threw Tillerson off guard.

In other news, President Trump is traveling to California today to examine border wall prototypes in person.

If you recall, there are eight prototypes.

They’re not going to pick just one, but combine the best features and create one wonderful SUPER MAGA wall. (For those wondering, the walls already went through the testing stages. Tactical teams legitimately “assaulted” the walls using “jackhammers, saws and hydraulic tools to attempt to breach the prototypes,” and the walls passed the tests!)

This is all GREAT news. I want to see progress on the wall, and this feels like just that– progress.

The president arrives in San Diego Tuesday morning and will spend 40 minutes examining the different design features before flying to a fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

This goes without saying, but Trump is flying into hostile territory. Local politicians are straight up saying that Trump isn’t welcome in the state.

But experts say Trump is literally walking into a political war zone with his visit. California Gov. Jerry Brown has said the state is at war with the Trump administration. On Monday, Rep. Juan Vargas, D-San Diego, told a large media gathering that the president “is not welcome here.”

“He would be welcome as our president if he stopped his racism, if he stopped bidding people once and for all against each other, if he acted like a president, if he had a little decency,” Vargas said. “He has none of that so he’s not welcome here.”

He’s not racist. Keeping illegal– I repeat, ILLEGAL ILLEGAL ILLEGAL– immigrants out of the country IS NOT RACIST.

Trump’s not letting their hateful rhetoric ruin his trip. He’s stoked.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on Trump’s trip. You know it’s going to be a doozy!