President Trump Explains Why He REALLY Fired Rex Tillerson

Hannah Bleau

The big news of the day? Rex Tillerson is OUT as secretary of state. Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, is replacing him, and Gina Haspel will take Pompeo’s place as the new CIA director.

Still with me?

The big question is why. Why did Trump finally ditch Tillerson? To be fair, we’ve known that there’s been trouble in paradise for quite some time. Anyone remember that whole “moron” fiasco?  And remember how Trump kinda-but-not-really joked that they should both take an IQ test? Heck, there were rumblings about Trump planning to oust Tillerson back in November. The original report stated that Trump would replace him with CIA director Mike Pompeo. The report also said Sen. Tom Cotton would replace Pompeo, but that part obviously didn’t happen.

This entire thing gets weirder. According to NBC, Tillerson didn’t even know WHY Trump was firing him.

Oh. And he supposedly learned of his termination at the same time as the rest of us…through that tweet.

It sounds like he was blindsided, but it’s such a hard thing to believe because THERE WERE SO MANY SIGNS. Plus, President Trump just admitted that they’ve been discussing this for quite some time so…what gives?

He said Tillerson is a “good man,” so it doesn’t sound like this was some huge blowout. They’ve been discussing this here and there for quite some time. Tillerson KNEW they weren’t seeing eye to eye on certain policies. That’s all there is to it. I guess he just didn’t realize that Trump would make this decision RIGHT NOW without giving him some kind of warning.

Weird. *shrugs*