The House Intelligence Committee Is Wrapping Up The Russia Probe And Has A Conclusion: NO COLLUSION

Hannah Bleau

Well well well. The House Intelligence Committee is finally wrapping up its Russia probe, and whaddya know. NO COLLUSION.

The committee will interview no more witnesses and Republicans are in the process of preparing their final report, Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas) told reporters. A draft of that roughly 150-page report will be delivered to committee Democrats for review on Tuesday.

The draft document asserts that there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, the most politically charged question examined by the committee.


“We found no evidence of collusion,” Conaway said Monday. “We found perhaps some bad judgment, inappropriate meetings, inappropriate judgment in taking meetings — but only Tom Clancy could take this series of inadvertent contacts, meetings, whatever, and weave that into some sort of a spy thriller that could go out there.”

Further, he said, “we couldn’t establish the same conclusion that the CIA did that [the Russians] specifically wanted to help Trump.”

Truthfully, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. There hasn’t been a shred of evidence of collusion. Sorry Maxine. (JK. I’m not sorry. Like at all.)

President Trump is stoked, as he should be. This endless witch hunt is a total bore and mega waste of time.

I also love what Rep. DeSantis had to say about it.

Rep. Adam Schiff is legitimately traumatized, because all his marbles were in this basket. He’s super pathetic like that.


h/t The Hill