GOP Senate Candidate Delivers A WICKED Response To Liberals Calling Us Gun-Happy Nazis

Hannah Bleau

Virginia lawmaker Nick Freitas wants to be the next senator of Virginia. He’s running in the Republican primary and hopes to ultimately unseat Sen. Tim Kaine.

Freitas is sick and tired of the left calling us gun-happy Nazis, so he took the time to plead for an “open and honest” debate, and boy. Did he DELIVER.

“Most of the shooters come from broken homes. What sort of government policies have actually encouraged broken homes?” Freitas asked.

“So when people on this side talk about the importance of the Second Amendment, please understand it’s not just some base philosophical conviction that we all have,” Freitas continued. “It is rooted in the idea that while we may be a post-Enlightenment society, the vast majority of horrible atrocities we’ve seen have happened in those post-Enlightenment societies. It’s happened as a result of government systematically disarming citizens and claiming themselves to be the sole responsible party for their security and then turning on those same citizens and punishing them.”


“That’s the most egregious cases, but in the individual cases of self-defense, that’s why people on this side of the aisle hold the Second Amendment in such high esteem,” he explained. “Because we honestly believe that you have an inherent right to defend yourself. And your ability to defend yourself should not be excluded to your size.”

Wait. There’s MORE. You know how Democrats call us racist, sexist Nazis all the time? Freitas decided to clear the air.

“I just want to remind everyone very quickly, it was not our [Republican] party that supported slavery, that fought women’s suffrage, that rounded up tens of thousands of Asian-Americans and put them in concentration camps, that supported Jim Crow, that supported segregation, supported mass resistance. That wasn’t our party, that was the Democrat party,” he said.


You really need to watch his entire speech, because it’s perfection.

Democrats in attendance were not pleased.

Oh yeah. He went there.

Yep– he went THERE too!

Sorry. Truth hurts!

Man. I could get excited about this race!

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