Shatner SLAMS Dem Candidate For SHADILY Using His Picture For Her Campaign

Ashley (Kimber)

William Shatner has made NO secret about his political leanings. He’s VERY openly conservative. (And Awesome,

So many were confused when he appeared on a DEMOCRAT’S campaign hand outs…

Is Shatner endorsing a Democrat?!?!?

No need to read it all…Basically she’s a geek who REALLY supports Planned Parenthood and gets mixed reviews on whether she should have long or short hair. But yeah. Down at the bottom is our buddy Shatner. The conservative. Looking like he’s endorsing her.


That’s a no-go, Brandy.

Shatner came down on this… HARD.


What is she thinking? If she took a GLANCE at his twitter she’d know he doesn’t support any of what she stands for… so why would she even want to affiliate him with her campaign?

Her base isn’t going to appreciate her fawning over a conservative.. and conservatives are going to mock her. So what was her end goal?

How did she foresee this going?!?!

She responded by playing dumb:

Giiiiiirl… please.

But he’s NOT backing down!

DAAAANG. Shatner doesn’t play!

…and he’s totally right.

According to Dallas News:

Lawrence A. Waks, a lawyer who serves on the Texas Sate Bar’s council for the Intellectual Property Section, said there are several legal issues at play when a photograph with a celebrity is used publicly: Has the photographer granted permission to use the image in that way? Does a campaign newsletter count as personal use?

While putting a framed photo of yourself with Steve Martin on your mantle is likely considered personal use, deciding to run for mayor and putting that photo in a newsletter would be another thing, said Waks, a Dallas-based partner at Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP.

Celebrities have the legal right of publicity, which is the right to control the commercial use of someone’s name, image or likeness, he said.

“There’s a reason why a candidate would use a picture of themselves and a celebrity in a newsletter because it might imply to someone or a reasonable person … [that] a celebrity does endorse or support that candidate,” Waks said.

To avoid any issue, the candidate should make sure they have the rights to the photograph and a celebrity’s permission to use the image, he said.