A Troll Sent Us An Email Calling Us Names, And I Accidentally Loved It.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Nothing has made me laugh harder than this today.

You guys, I zoned in on the “thin” part and legit felt complimented.  That is how little these psychos’ insults affect me now.  I mean, now that I’ve re-read it, I can objectively see that he was trying to insult us with the whole “old” and “weird” and “hags” thing – but HE CALLED US THIN OMG THAT IS SO NICE.

(Cue accusations of fat-shaming and succumbing to the patriarchal expectations society has placed on us to value thinness over obesity.)

I DON’T CARE.  I ate so much in Nevada this past weekend that getting called thin out of the blue is like the best thing ever.

Which is why I responded as follows:

He didn’t like that.

I mean, how can I compete with that?  He REALLY GOT US GOOD, you guys.  Or she.  I suppose “Antoni” could go either way. Maybe Antoni is a pangender transracial otherkin.  We can’t make any assumptions, but we should DEFINITELY start that rumor.

Anyway, I let Antoni know that I’d be posting this:

I don’t think these people realize how much I enjoy emails like this.  And I hope they never figure it out. 🙂