Shaun White Apologizes For Dismissing HIS OWN Sexual Harassment Case As “Gossip”

Ashley (Kimber)

Shaun White won a gold medal last night.

So of course we’re talking about whether or not he’s sexually harassed someone.

It’s a #MeToo word, after all!

Anyway, he was on the Today show this morning, where he apologized for calling allegations AGAINST HIMSELF “gossip.”

I’m not sure I get this. YES, sexual abuse is serious… but are you not allowed to defend yourself anymore?

If someone makes up a bunch of bullsh*t about you, are you not allowed to call it bullsh*t?

I don’t know if Shaun is actually guilty of what he’s accused of or not… but do you see what I mean? Why must he police his language about what he claims are false allegations against him?

According to TMZ:

Shaun White says he’s “truly sorry” for referring to his sexual harassment case as “gossip” — saying, “It was a poor choice of words to describe such a sensitive subject in the world today.”


We should not be mandated to treat lies with respect simply because they’re about a sensitive topic.

If I start telling people I’m a Holocaust survivor, are you going to “respect” my crap because it’s about a “sensitive subject”?

NO! You’re going to call me out for being a LIAR. (And obviously a pretty bad one, at that…)

The snowboarding legend appeared on the the “Today” show early Wednesday to address the comments he made during Tuesday night’s post-Olympic media conference … where he was asked about the graphic sexual harassment suit filed against him in 2016.

TMZ Sports broke the story back in August 2016 … White was sued by his female bandmember, Lena Zawaideh, who claimed White would text her penis pics, sex videos involving fecal matter and forced her to style her hair in a way that appeased him during her 7-year run with the group.

White denied the allegations — but ultimately settled the case with Zawaideh in May 2017, the terms of which were not disclosed.

But Tuesday night in South Korea — right after White won gold in the men’s halfpipe — he was asked by an ABC reporter to address the allegations. White said he was there to talk about the Olympics, not “gossip.”


And I agree… this press conference was about the gold medal he just won.

A second reporter wanted to ask follow-up questions about the case, but was shut down by the moderator.

There didn’t seem to be a lot of mainstream media interest in the case back in 2016 and 2017 — interesting why not.

Well… it could be that it was a non-story and people weren’t salivating at the mouth to pin EVERY MAN ON EARTH as a sexual deviant?

Maybe that’s why.