Sarah Silverman Gets SMACKED DOWN For Sessions Insult – As Obama Said The EXACT SAME THING

Ashley (Kimber)

Every liberal and their mama lost their DAMN MINDS when Jeff Sessions said this:


Especially on “Black History Month.”

Anyway… Sarah Silverman was her charming self about it:

…girl. Take it easy. You might wanna watch this before you star lobbing c-words.


SHOCKINGLY she admits she was wrong… sort of.

Ok… so I actually do NOT know why Sessions is a “Racist c***” (because he’s not) but whatevs.

This actually puts her ahead of 90% of liberals… which is kinda sad.

She even followed it up with this:

Ok.. ok… see, I’m not toootally buying it. But I think she is… and that’s a start!

Silverman has even had the RADICAL IDEA that not all Trump supporters are evil.

That’s a HUGE step in Hollywood.

And then things get a little teensy bit awkward…

Fair enough.

Her response?


This makes me feel icky. I need an adult.