Melania Shares Her Sweet Valentine’s Day Plans – Gets BRUTALLY ATTACKED By Twitter Trolls

Ashley (Kimber)

Melania has sweet plans for this Valentine’s Day:

I LOVE that.

The National Institute of Health has expressed their excitement at having her:

So sweet. She’s the best.

Of course, because people SUCK and the Twitter trolls want to prove that “love Trumps hate” or whatever new slogan they want to spew out of their hypocrite mouths, they’ve gone on FULL attack mode:

Her birther comments of the past? Really? She made those?

Oh. So Trump “beats” Melania and you’re posting this on her Twitter?

What a LOVELY person you are! You must be a feminist.

“When they go low, we go high”  aaactually means “When they go high, we turn into hateful demons.”

What HAPPENED to these people? Were they raised by monsters? Where they dropped on their heads as children?