Hateful Liberals Viciously Attack Mike And Karen Pence Over Their Valentine’s Day Tweet

Hannah Bleau

Happy Valentine’s Day readers! I know we’re smack dab in the middle of the work-week, but I hope you all have a lovely afternoon with your loved one. (ORRRRRRRRR you could drink wine and eat chocolate with your single friends. That’s also fun.)

Anyway, Valentine’s Day. VP Mike Pence and his wife Karen want to wish you a happy one.

Aw. That’s nice. They’re adorable, and their pets are precious fluffy angels. There’s far too much sweetness here. CALLING ALL THE HATERS.

Oh. OK. What a very loving and tolerant thing to say!

Sorry…didn’t catch the snub? I post pictures of my dogs all the time. It’s not a snub to Trump or ANYONE who hates dogs, for that matter. I just think they’re the cutest creatures on Earth. Stop looking for something that isn’t there.

Dude. What is WRONG with you?

Love trumps hate. Glad to see libs are remembering that on Valentine’s Day.