Kirsten Gillibrand’s Latest Attention Stunt Is So PHONY It Hurts

Ashley (Kimber)

Gillibrand is OBVIOUSLY running in 2020, so she’s launched the beginnings of her campaign.

So far so good…. right?

First she blamed white people for her “embarrassing” and “racist” past.

Now this:

Oh honey. How noooooble of you.

What do you want? A cookie?

Everyone sees right through this crap.

Where oh WHERE is she getting the money?!

So what does this all come down to?

A sh*t personality… but one nonetheless.

In fact, she’s not just FREE to virtue signal, she’s expected to!

But goooood job, Kirsten! I’m sure you’re feeling super smug about the FEW points you earned for this one:

Bless their hearts.