Even Chelsea Handler’s Fans Are Sick Of Her… This ‘Misogynistic’ Tweet Is The Last Straw

Ashley (Kimber)

I was really glad when Chelsea Handler announced she was done spewing nonsense on Twitter.

That lasted about 10.5 seconds, and now she’s worse than ever.

Even some of her less brain-dead former fans can’t stand her crap anymore.

Many were disappointed when she equated “sex workers” to pedophiles and rapists…

and now there’s this:

Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea….

So women who work for Trump should just quit, right? Just walk away from their careers? Because you don’t like Trump?  Got it.

You’re just too dumb to get it, aren’t you?

Her fans are over it.

HA. That’s what you get for trusting a talking head…

Well…. that just makes too much sense….