Joy Reid Reveals What She Thinks Of American Values In UNHINGED Response To The SOTU

Ashley (Kimber)

Last night’s SOTU address was PERFECTION.

Seriously… it could not have been better. President Trump did an excellent job. I was really proud of him.

It doesn’t matter to the Democrats. Let’s face it, the entire left was going to spaz about how OFFENSIVE AND HORRIBLE the address was REGARDLESS of what he said. Pelosi even said people would think he had done a good job if he didn’t spend the entire thing “burping.” Really.

Anyway. Joy Reid is TRIGGERED (as per usual.) and her response has me scratching my head…

Um… so…. these are bad things, Joy?

Church, Family, Police, Military, and American Patriotism… how are these bad things? I just don’t get it. These are ALL things I value… I guess according to this lunatic I’m AWFUL, too.

She keeps blabbing on about how Trump doesn’t even represent any of those values… (which she already said were awful…so why does she care?)

Ok, Joy. Ok.

If you weren’t QUITE sure about how twisted this woman’s thinking is… well. There you go.

And of COURSE she’s not done. Not even close.

Hear that? Being all for Church, family, police, military, and the national anthem makes you “Anti-immigrant,” “backward looking,” “anti-innovation, and “anti-progress.”

I’d say I’m interested in what Joy Reid values… but I already know.

Joy doesn’t HAVE values. Joy’s only priority is hating conservatives, and above all, hating TRUMP.