Cher Ripped On Sarah Sanders For Her Style… Let’s Talk About Cher’s Style, Shall We?

Ashley (Kimber)

Cher, as in “she-who-thinks-a-thong-is-formal-attire-Cher” decided to take a swipe at Sarah Huckabee Sanders over the clothing she wears…

Oh, honey… this is so stupid for SO many reasons.

For one, unlike Cher, Sarah works for the WHITE HOUSE, so feathers, thongs, and mesh might not cut it…

Sarah always looks lovely, and totally appropriate for the job…


Notice that podium she’s standing behind? Things might get a liiiiiittle awkward if she shows up in something “Cher-approved.” But I guess I can totally see why Cher thinks dressing professionally makes you a “sister wife,” since Cher dresses like this:

I’ll give it to her… her body was flawless.

But also… this is a straight up formal thong:

But those were different times! Cher doesn’t dress like that anymore, does she?



Aaaaalrighty then….

So how’s this, Cher?

Sarah will stop dressing like a “sister-wife” when you stop dressing like  a “titty-bearing grandmother desperately clinging to lost youth.”

Sounds like a plan!