Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Is ‘Dishing Dirt’ On President Trump

Hannah Bleau

I’ve noticed something. Every time it starts to feel like President Trump is getting a lot of positive stuff accomplished, MSM immediately scrambles for another ridiculous controversy. MSM obsessed over Michael Wolff’s book for a solid week. We’ve been talking about Trump supposedly calling African countries a “sh*thole” for two days. Last night, MSM tried to promote a bogus story about Trump having an affair with a porn star and issuing a massive payoff. Everyone involved denies the story, including the ex-porn star.

It’s always something. Now, there’s this.

A Pulitzer-Prize winning author, David Cay Johnston, has decided NOW is the time to come out against Trump and his corruption. He has a “bombshell” book coming out titled, “It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America.”

This should be a doozy.

Unlike Michael Wolff’s recently published book, Fire and Fury, based on White House staff interviews, Johnston, a specialist in economics and tax issues, has meticulously investigated what has transpired inside federal agencies during the Trump administration.

Johnston has been following Trump since 1988 and believes that his administration is destroying the American government from within and compromising citizens’ safety, jobs, finances and more.

Wow! I never expected that to be his stance! (I do hope you can detect my intense sarcasm here.)

While prior administrations weren’t necessarily devoid of some corruption, Johnston writes that even ‘the worst of the presidents shared one common trait vital to democracy that is missing from the Trump administration – their administrations were about America and its people’.

‘The Trump presidency is about Trump. Period. Full stop.’ And his ‘sad need for attention and public adoration’, fueling ‘his fundamental character, narcissism’.

Trump has been and always will be Trumpy, but there’s no way anyone can sit there and act like he doesn’t care about our country or the people living in it. That’s why he ran in the first place. Whether Johnston likes it or not, Trump’s “America First” message resonated with the forgotten man. He didn’t need more fame or more fortune. If he wanted more “public adoration,” this wasn’t the way to do it. In case you haven’t noticed, MSM hates him with a fury. Liberals want him thrown in prison.

If you’re going for popularity, running as a Republican isn’t the way to do it.

Anyway, Johnston attempts to make the case that Trump is a terrible person who likes to read Hitler speeches for fun. He is Literally Hitler.

Trump’s first ex-wife, Ivana, revealed in 1990 that Trump read from a book of Hitler’s speeches, a book that he kept in his bedside cabinet.

When asked about that book in 1990, Trump claimed it was Mein Kampf, a gift from a Jewish businessman, Martin Davis.

Interviewing Davis, the author learned that Davis was not Jewish and the book was My New Order, Hitler’s collected speeches – precisely what Ivana had said.

One Trump Organization employee, John Walter, clicked his heels and said ‘Heil Hitler!’ when entering Trump’s office, Ivana told her friends.

He also claims that Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric all became estranged. That is, until they “went on Daddy’s payroll and became his loyal aides.”

He never interacted with them when they were children but only when they were in college.

There are also a bunch of claims that Trump is only interested in enriching his family.

Everyone in Washington knows that if you want to do business with the administration, you have to stay at the Trump International Hotel, according to the author.

‘Trump controls the amount of money he collects this way’, writes Johnston. In his first 202 days in office, Trump spent 65 days at Mar-a-Lago, his New Jersey golf course or Trump Tower. ‘That’s almost one day in three’.

‘Trump is the first president to pose numerous questions about whether he is receiving income from foreign governments, which the Framers of the Constitution felt was inherently corrupting.

‘He is also the first to present the issue of profiting from spending by federal, state and local governments with payments that the Framers denied to the President’.

Also, he wants everyone to die.

In one of Trump’s most egregious acts, he has cut some funding to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), so it would be harder to enforce and monitor companies violating laws against disposal of toxic waste in the environment.

This could lead to Americans facing more cancer, heart disease, asthma and death — from unchecked pollution.

Johnston is really mad about the wall.

The author addresses other major issues that Trump has stumbled over: the wall in Mexico that U.S. taxpayers will be paying for if Congress passes legislation; stocking the swamp in Washington with millionaires and billionaires – from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, a Goldman Sachs and hedge fund veteran who made his fortune by foreclosing on homeowners, to billionaire heiress Education Secretary Betsy DeVos who puts interests of bankers ahead of debt-burdened students.

Johnston exposes Trump’s total lack of knowledge of international business and affairs. He threatened to stop doing business with any country doing business with North Korea — not knowing how many European countries traded with North Korea’s president, Kim Jong-Un.

And he’d also like you to know that Trump isn’t well-educated.

The lapse in knowledge is surprising, as Trump has claimed he’s so smart because he attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

The author writes ‘he went only to its undergraduate program in real-estate economics’.

‘Our Constitution is meant to free the human spirit so we and our posterity may become something better than we were, better than we are today.

‘Freedom is about choosing, but it is also about having to live with the consequences of the choices we make. If we choose to empower the dishonest, the ill prepared, the mean-spirited, and the emotionally immature, we will pay dearly’, concludes the author.

This is just a preview of what’s to come. Get ready. After the book drops, it’s all MSM will talk about. Just wait.

h/t Daily Mail