Woman Accusing James Franco Raises Eyebrows With VERY Fishy Tweet

Ashley (Kimber)

James Franco won the Golden Globe for Best Actor this weekend, and was immediately hit with a deluge of sexual misconduct allegations.

Among his accusers was Violet Paley, who claims Franco pressured her into performing oral sex in a car.

I don’t say “forced” because she agreed to do it so “he wouldn’t hate her.” That sounds like a case of sexual pressure (which believe me, I still find reprehensible behavior) instead of sexual force. I believe saying he “forced” her is a disservice to victims of physical sexual force.

Anyway, people have uncovered a Tweet of hers from this past September, and it’s raising a few eyebrows as to the motivation of her allegations.

According to TMZ:

One of the women accusing James Franco of sexual assault is blasting critics who have latched on to a comment she made … that she likes to ruin lives.

Violet Paley has claimed Franco forced her head into his lap while his penis was exposed. She told the L.A. Times she and Franco were in a consensual, sexual relationship when they were sitting in a car and he pressured her into performing oral sex on him — something she had not done to him before. Paley, an aspiring filmmaker, says, “The power dynamic was really off.”

Franco has said the allegation is not true, but would not elaborate.

Paley has some questioning her veracity based on this tweet:

So, that’s certainly a weird thing to say… but she dated James Franco, so she’s obviously a little weird.

The comments have blown up:

Do you think this Nathan Saunders feels like he made a big difference in the world with this Tweet? He probably went to bed last night feeling like a hero.

Violet spoke to TMZ about the tweet:

Paley tells TMZ, “I use twitter to make jokes most of the time. It was clearly a joke.” She went on, “I’m sorry if I offended anyone and I think most people know it was a joke and the people milking it are Trump-like bot trolls so I’m not deleting it and letting their psychotic twist on a dumb joke win.”

I don’t really understand why she felt the need to throw a “Trump-like bot trolls” comment in there…. but at least we know what kind of person we’re dealing with here.

Related note, her Twitter bio reads “Stable & Genius” so she seems to have a pretty constant stick up her a** about Trump.

It doesn’t mean she’s lying about this… it just means she’s a nasty person in general.