John Legend’s GENIUS Plan To ‘Heal Our Nation’? Smearing ALL Trump Voters

Ashley (Kimber)

For some reason, overhyped crooner John Legend and his equally overhyped underwear model wife Chrissy Teigen have decided they’re political pundits.

For reasons I find even more incomprehensible, leftists listen to them. Leave it to the left to uphold a singer and his underwear model wife as their political beacons.

Anyway… we already know Chrissy has the brain power of a rock.

Now John wants to prove to everyone he’s juuuust as dense:

Let me get this straight.

The first sentence of this tweet condemns half the nation for their racism, or complicit racism.

The second says we all need to come together and “heal.”

Yeah. Interesting strategy you’ve got there.

Also… HAS he been a racist for his entire public life, John? I missed the memo.


Anyway… John swiftly got called out for his “healing” methods:

He obviously agrees with her!

And Chrissy had to pipe in, because OF COURSE…

Surely I’m missing something here. No idea what she’s talking about.

What a lovely bunch, eh?