Trump Would Like To Know Why We Keep Bringing People Into The US from ‘Sh*thole Countries.’

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Oh, this’ll leave a mark.

According to the sourcelink, Trump asked some folks from Congress earlier today why our country had to keep dealing with so many immigrants from “sh*thole countries.”  Now, this is based on accounts from two people who were apparently “briefed” on the meeting, and then those two people leaked that comment to the WaPo.

The countries he was reportedly referring to?  Haiti, El Salvador, and a few countries in Africa, which, I have to say, are arguably all sh*tholes.  I mean, he’s not wrong on that.

One of the things that Trump’s most ardent supporters love about him is his willingness to say stuff that a lot of people think, but won’t say out loud.  Trump has literally no filter.  If he thinks a country is a sh*thole, well, by golly he’s gonna say that.

You can argue that that’s a terrible trait for a president to have.  I’ve made that same argument before about Trump’s outbursts.  But more and more often, I realize that they NEVER have the effect on his supporters that liberals expect and hope for.  The Trumpier Trump is, the more supportive his supporters seem to be. It’s a fascinating phenomenon – one I haven’t quite wrapped my brain around yet.

But I will say that I find myself more amused by him lately than irritated.  And the reason for that is that despite his Trumpishness, he keeps on getting sh*t done.

Was it vulgar for the president to use that kind of language to talk about other nations?  Sure.  Was it true, though?

I’m just saying.

And furthermore: