ESPN Releases Text Messages That PROVE This Woman’s Sexual Abuse Allegations Are BS!

Ashley (Kimber)

Many of us have been VERY concerned about what this sexual abuse allegation bonanza is going to mean for men.

The “every woman MUST be believed because every man is a RAPIST” attitude is going to backfire… hard.

The victims of all of this? The men whose lives will be destroyed over false allegations, and the women who have ACTUALLY been victimized, who will no longer be believed.

If EVERYTHING is called abuse… I truly believe that real victims will no longer be heard.

Either way… what’s going on right now has MAJOR potential to victimize the innocent.

Which is EXACTLY what this story proves…

According to this:

ESPN has released text messages between SportsCenter anchor John Buccigross and a former female colleague who has accused him of inappropriate behavior in a bid to undermine the allegations.

Veteran broadcaster Buccigross, 51, and fantasy sports expert Matthew Berry, 47, are just some of the men accused of misconduct in the Boston Globe’s exposé, which was published on Thursday.

Adrienne Lawrence, who joined the network in 2015 as part of a fellowship to promote racial diversity, claimed Buccigross sent her unsolicited shirtless photos of himself in 2016.

He also allegedly called her ‘dollface’, ‘dreamgirl’ and ‘longlegs’ in messages seen by the paper.

Lawrence, who filed a complaint against the network this summer, told the paper she tried to remain friendly in the messages but at one point responded: ‘You need to wear clothes, sir’.

Yeaaaaahh… he was TOTALLY harrassing her. Only get this…

In response, ESPN said Lawrence’s claims were ‘entirely without merit’ and released the messages between the pair to show they had a ‘consensual relationship’ and a ‘personal friendship that spanned months’.

It shows them discussing dinner, sharing smiling emojis and joking about music tastes. The released exchange did not include the alleged shirtless pictures.

We can all agree that woman isn’t being “abused” right?

NOW do people see why this is a problem?!!


From now on, men will have to save every text conversation and record every phone call they EVER have with a woman.

You know, in case they ever accuse him of phone rape.