Woman Chooses To Have Sex With Ghosts Over Men

Mockarena, Co-Founder

There are freaks among us, y’all.

According to that sourcelink, Amethyst Realm (yup, that’s her name) has given up sex with men because sex with ghosts is apparently better.

It should come as no surprise that Amethyst is a “spiritual guidance counselor” in the UK.  Because what else would she be?

Apparently, she has 20 different ghost lovers, and she has completely given up on Actual Men, because she wants to choose a ghost to settle down with.

I’m sure that decision has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the fact that she’s legit crazy, and guys probably run as fast as they can in the opposite direction when she’s around.

It all started when her human fiance was out of town a decade ago, and she felt a “presence.”  So she did what anyone would do – she dressed up in some lingerie to see if she could entice the presence into sex.  Duh.

And yeah.  The presence and Amethyst totally got it on.  And yes.  She climaxed.

When her fiance returned and discovered that she was cheating on him with a ghost that “showed its physical form to him,” she broke it off with the fiance, because obviously.

She sees no issue with pursuing a long term relationship with a ghost, and imagines that she could also get pregnant with a ghost baby.  She genuinely believes this. 

Her first ghost relationship lasted three whole years, and since then, she’s had 20 different ghost relationships.  Family dinners are probably AWESOME.

Anyway, guys are turning to sex robots, and women are turning to ghost lovers.

What a time to be alive.