Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes Are In The Testing Stages!

Hannah Bleau

I know it feels like we’re moving in slow motion at times, but the Trump administration is trying to get stuff done. It looks like tax reform will be the first major legislative victory. (Although I still consider him appointing Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court one of his biggest accomplishments so far.) I still really want to see Republicans fix health care, and I want the freaking wall up.

Good news on that front. The border wall prototypes

…are complete, and they’re actually in the testing stages!

Here they are again. All were required to be 18 to 30 feet tall. Remind me which is your favorite?

I don’t really like the ones with the bars. I don’t know why.

ANYWHOOOOO. CBP is starting the testing process. It’s happening. They’re breaking the jackhammers out for real.

The physical testing will include attempts to scale and breach the prototypes. Officials will use items such as jackhammers, saws and hydraulic tools to attempt to breach the prototypes.


The physical tests are expected to take place over the next two weeks.

Evaluators are going through a “very regimented process” during this assessment phase “to ensure when it’s completed we have the best information available,” said Diaz.

CBP is evaluating all the breach attempts and how long they take.

Everything is being complied and documented for the evaluation process that comes afterward, according to CBP.

America heck yeah!