Sen. Al Franken Will Deliver A Speech On The Senate Floor At 11:45 ET

Hannah Bleau

On Wednesday, the person running Sen. Franken’s Twitter account announced that Franken would make some sort of announcement Thursday (today).

This could only mean one thing, right? He must be resigning. There are SO MANY senators calling for his resignation. That has to be it.

JK. The person tweeting from Franken’s account said no decision has been made, which is actually baffling to me. Why would you say you’re going to make an announcement if you have no idea what you’re going to announce?

In that case, his original tweet should’ve read, “I will be making an announcement tomorrow. I have no idea what that announcement will be, but it will be a very announce-y announcement. The end.”

I have no idea if he’s made a decision yet, but his announce-y announcement will happen around 11:45 ET. He’s going to speechify on the Senate floor.

I can’t wait to see this clown show.