Sen. Al Franken Officially Announces His Resignation And Tries To Take Trump Down With Him

Hannah Bleau

At least eight women have stepped forward and accused Sen. Al Franken of sexual harassment. A bunch of his colleagues came out yesterday, demanding his resignation.

He just gave a speech on the Senate floor…

… and made it official. He’s resigning in the coming weeks.

However, he denied a bunch of the allegations. He said they’re not all true and added that he remembers those situations “differently.”

Mhm. And he actually had the stones to say he’s used his power in the Senate TO CHAMPION WOMEN OMGOMGOMG.

He also tried to drag President Trump down with him. He said there’s irony in the fact that he’s leaving and President Trump remains in office.

I’d just like to take this moment to remind Franken that there’s no photographic evidence of Trump LITERALLY GRABBING A SLEEPING CHICK’S BOOBS.

See ya Al. Won’t miss ya.