Please Add Charlie Rose To The Never Ending List Of People Who Have Victimized Ashley Judd.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

As I have said repeatedly, Ashley Judd’s list of people who’ve sexually harassed or assaulted her grows practically on a daily basis. For a quick recap, just catch up right here. She’s up to THREE separate experiences with Harvey Weinstein – not just the one she came forward with for the NYT piece. THREE.

Welp, as predicted, you can add Charlie Rose to the list now.

She was interviewed just yesterday, and was FINALLY asked a question about how she squares her admiration for people like Bill Clinton with the fact that he’s a serial predator. I’ve been DYING for someone to ask her that question, but unfortunately, she danced around it and ended up instead bringing up Matt Lauer and announcing that she was sexually harassed by Charlie Rose. Because of course she was. Check this out starting at the 6.49 minute mark:

She completely dodged the Bill Clinton thing, because she doesn’t WANT to have to answer for the fact that she continues to admire him. She doesn’t want to have to admit that he’s as bad if not worse than the multitude of people she’s accused of perpetrating various degrees of sexual assault on her. Recall, if you will, that the way she introduced Bill Clinton at a Hillary campaign rally a few years ago was to call him a “romantic” and a “man who loves his bride.”

WHY WHY WHY does anyone take her seriously?

We did a FB live video about her unbelievably self-indulgent instagram video that she posted yesterday (it’ll disappear after 24 hours so we wanted to make sure you got to hear it.) If you missed out, here it is below. SHE IS RIDICULOUS.

Anyway. Stay tuned. Tomorrow she’ll probably remember another time she was sexually abused. She’ll remember another famous person who harassed her. She’ll continue to cover for Bill Clinton. And she’ll continue to be a self-indulgent seahag.

Like this.

We are #TheSilenceBreakers. Tune into @nbcnightlynews tonight for my interview on being included with this tremendous honor. #timepersonoftheyear

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