If People Could Just Go Ahead And Not Have Sex While They’re Doing 70mph, That’d Be Great.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

This is insanity.

According to this, a couple on the road in northwest Argentina was caught having sex WHILE DRIVING 70mph on a busy highway. The footage was captured by a passenger in a car that was driving by, and it was posted on line resulting in TOTAL FURY across the country.

Rightly so. I mean, it’s fine if they want to put their OWN lives in danger, but how about sparing the rest of the people with whom they share the highway, for crying out loud? GET A FREAKING ROOM.

And when the couple saw that they were being filmed, do you think they pulled over or had shame of any kind? Nope. Dude just flipped the bird to the person filming.


Unlike Germany, which has some of the best drivers in the universe, Argentina apparently has one of the highest traffic-related death rates in the world. Twenty-two people die EVERY SINGLE DAY in traffic accidents.

Maybe if they stopped having sex while driving, that rate would go down? Just a suggestion.

Police are investigating the incident, but unfortunately the footage captured doesn’t include the license plate number. All they can do is hope that the couple is recognized by someone who sees the footage.

Here’s the video.