FBI Director Christopher Wray Testifies Before The House Judiciary Committee

Hannah Bleau

FBI Director Christopher Wray is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee today, and they seem to be really focusing on political bias within the FBI. We all KNOW that’s there. Comey drafted a memo exonerating Hillary Clinton prior to her official interview. Then they had to remove that pro-Hillary, anti-Trump FBI agent– the agent who essentially covered for Hillary and spent his days “purportedly obstructing the House probe into the dossier.”


All that being said, the House Judiciary Committee is grilling Wray. As Jamie Dupree pointed out, Wray’s statement didn’t mention Hillary Clinton or the entire Mueller investigation. Interesting, that.

Unsurprisingly, we’re not really getting anywhere.

Good. So the left can stop speculating on THAT now.

Pretty safe, generic answers, if you ask me.

Apparently, at one point, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee complained that there are too many white people working in the FBI. I am not making this up. This is the kind of crap some of these lawmakers mention in hearings.

Good grief.

Reactions are all over the map.

For the record, that’s the lawmaker who once suggested that Guam could capsize.

Clowns. Clowns everywhere.