JK! Sen. Franken Says No Final Decision Has Been Made

Hannah Bleau

This is a darn rollercoaster.

First, a quick recap. A former Democratic congressional aide recently came out and accused Sen. Franken of trying to kiss her. He allegedly told her, “It’s my right as an entertainer.”

Hold on.

Following that report, a bunch of senators came out and called for Franken’s resignation. I’m talking Durbin, Murray, Hirono, McCaskill, Harris, Stabenow, Brown and Feinstein plus more.

Then, this news came out.

We all know what THAT means, right? What else could it mean, other than him announcing his resignation?

Well, stop assuming he’s resigning, chumps. YOU DON’T KNOW. That’s what Franken’s saying now. His people are all, “Any reports of a final decision are inaccurate.”

Oh please. Can you imagine the backlash he’d receive if he came out and was all, “Sorry folks! I’m not resigning at this time!”? All hell would break loose! There’s NO WAY that’ll happen. (Now watch that happen.)

We’ll find out soon enough. Stay tuned.