Teen Vogue Writer Is ‘Not At All Concerned’ If Innocent Men Face False Sexual Assault Allegations

Ashley (Kimber)

One of the major concerns of this massive wave of sexual abuse allegations is that while many of them are true… some of them may simply be women hopping on the train for attention or money.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is happening. Exhibit A: someone demanded Ryan Seacrest pay her $15 million or she’d tell everyone he abused her. He refused, and has categorically denied the allegations.

Something in the water isn’t clean…

and men everywhere are concerned that despite their innocence, they may be next on the chopping block.

Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindin doesn’t give a crap.

Yeah… only making up a rape claim isn’t telling the “truth,” and in fact it makes it THAT MUCH HARDER for women who have actually been victimized to be heard or believed…

YOU are not the one paying the price. INNOCENT MEN are paying the price.

You are f***ing sick, you know that?

This is horrifying.

I think of my little brother, my boyfriend, my dad… any of them would be DEVASTATED if someone accused them of sexual abuse. I don’t think they could live with it. All three are absolute gentlemen… the very THOUGHT of them facing false allegations of this nature gives me chills.

HOW is destroying an innocent’s life a solution to someone else’s pain? This train of thought is beyond revolting to me.

So please… if you’re a woman… think or your brothers, your sons, your nephews, your uncles, your father…

and realize that this woman is “not at all concerned” whether their lives are destroyed….

All for the sake of “taking down the patriarchy.”