Former Democratic Congresswoman Who Was Found Guilty In Federal Fraud Trial Is Using ‘Memory Loss’ As An Excuse In Sentencing Hearing

Hannah Bleau

Over the summer, former U.S. congresswoman Corrine Brown (she’s a Democrat who represented Florida’s 5th congressional district) was found guilty on 18 of 22 charges in her federal fraud trial. The case surrounded her involvement with the bogus charity, “One Door for Education.” The charity was supposed to give poor students scholarships, but in reality, it was just one giant slush fund.

I absolutely love this clip of her looking ticked and miserable.

Why are we talking about this now? Because her sentencing hearing is today.


Former congresswoman Corrine Brown will fight to avoid jail time during her sentencing hearing Thursday morning.

Wednesday, sentencing hearings took place for Brown’s co-conspirators Carla Wiley and Ronnie Simmons.

Both Simmons and Wiley apologized to the court in their hearings on Wednesday, and Simmons’ attorney placed the blame on Brown.

“Because it was run the way it was, there’s no one who says no to Corrine Brown,” said Simmon’s attorney Anthony Suarez.

The prosecution believes Wiley should get the lightest sentence, followed by Simmons, and with the highest penalty for Brown.

Prosecutors are supporting a request for reduced sentences for both Wiley and Simmons, but say probation is inappropriate for Brown and are pushing for a severe sentence for the former congresswoman.

The prosecution also told the judge Wednesday that Brown lied on the witness stand.

There’s one little nugget I can’t stop obsessing over. Her attorney, James Smith, wrote in a memo that Brown shouldn’t go to prison, because she’s done so much good for the community. Plus, she’s old and has like, 14 diagnoses, including recent memory loss.

Yes, seriously. That’s an excuse now. Corrine Brown– a FORMER DEMOCRATIC MEMBER OF CONGRESS– has apparently been experiencing “memory loss.”

But Smith argues that Brown’s decades of public service, her age, her health and a comparison of other public integrity cases with Brown’s case justify a sentence of probation.

In a separate memo, Smith wrote that Brown’s medical records reflect at least 14 confirmed diagnoses, along with possible glaucoma and untreated sleep apnea, and that she has recently had problems with memory loss, coupled with a family history of dementia.

He said that Brown’s close relationship with her mother, who has dementia, and her daughter mean that any corrective measures would be more effective if she can be close to her family.

Smith argued that there’s no reasonable basis to believe Brown will ever commit another crime, and that because she lost re-election, there’s no risk that she will ever commit a public integrity offense again.

That’s this hag’s excuse now. She’s old and can’t remember anything! Funny she says that now, because I guarantee Brown would still be in Congress if she could be. “Memory loss” wouldn’t stop her from that!

Smith said a prison sentence of nine years in prison would be “devastating, emotionally and physically, for Corrine Brown.”

But would it though? If she’s losing her memory, wouldn’t that make nine years in prison easier? She wouldn’t remember what she’s missing out on in the free world.

All I know is, the pharmacist who fills scripts for lawmakers recently suggested that some members of Congress are dealing with symptoms of Alzheimer’s. So Brown 1.) Was one of those people and shouldn’t have been “serving” in the first place ORRRRRRR 2.) Is lying now.

Either way, this makes her look even worse.