NBC Fires Senior Executive Over ‘Inappropriate Conduct,’ Meanwhile, Ariana Huffington Ignored Sexual Misconduct At HuffPo

Hannah Bleau

Well, well, well. Fox News isn’t the only organization with problems. Turns out liberal media outlets have some perv-related trouble too.

First up, NBC. The network recently fired senior vice president for booking, Matt Zimmerman. He reportedly “engaged in inappropriate conduct with more than one woman” at NBC.

The executive, Matt Zimmerman, senior vice president for booking, worked in the company’s news division, and was one of the top bookers of talent and guests for “Today.”

“We have recently learned that Matt Zimmerman engaged in inappropriate conduct with more than one woman at NBCU, which violated company policy,” the company said in a statement, referring to NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC. “As a result he has been dismissed.”

Zimmerman was not in the office on Tuesday and could not be reached for comment. The nature of the accusations against him were not immediately clear, though NBC policy requires executives to notify the human resources department if they are dating a direct report.


In other news, Ariana Huffington has been accused of blatantly ignoring sexual misconduct at the Huffington Post. Raise your hand if you’re shocked by that. *no one raises any hands*

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