The Most Inappropriate Assignment EVER? Virginia Parents Seem To Think So!


I love teachers. My mom, my boyfriend’s mom, and many of my closest friends are all teachers. They do incredibly important work.

That being said, there is absolutely NO QUESTION that some teachers are leftist indoctrinators…

…and others… are simply lazy.

Most people go in to teaching because it’s a passion of theirs to help shape and expand young minds. But let’s be honest here, others go in to it for summers off and long winter breaks.

I know most teachers work really hard.. again, my mother is one, and she’s my HERO… but I also knew a lot of really, REALLY dumb girls in college who went in to education, and the thought of these morons being in charge of shaping and educating future generations of Americans is nothing short of terrifying.

I’m hoping the Virginia teacher who assigned this worksheet to a bunch of ELEVEN YEAR OLDS was just a lazy jerk who couldn’t be BOTHERED to read the worksheet they assigned to their students.

Thinking this doorknob assigned the worksheet on purpose makes it even worse.

According to this:

Middle school students in a Virginia home economics class were mistakenly given a worksheet that quizzed them on what an extramarital affair is as well as “boy toy” and “trophy wife.”

WTVR reported Monday that the teacher at the school outside Richmond, Virginia, had downloaded the worksheet from the internet. Parents at Carter G. Woodson Middle School were understandably upset as the “Family Quiz” began with questions such as “What do you call it when a married person has a relationship with someone else?” and “What do you call the much younger boyfriend of an older woman?”

“I couldn’t believe that an educator would be giving something like that an 11-year-old,” parent Tara Sample told WTVR. “No one in the schools system needs to be teaching my daughter what a mistress is or a trophy wife or boy toy.”

The superintendent for Hopewell schools said it was never part of the curriculum. “We were made aware last evening of the Facebook coverage of the assignment given to students in the Family and Consumer Sciences program at our middle school. We immediately began to investigate,” Hopewell Schools Superintendent Dr. Melody Hackney said in a statement to WTVR. “Upon further review, we have determined that a teacher downloaded this worksheet from the Internet. This content was not a part of the current and approved curriculum for this course nor was it in any way an appropriate learning tool for middle school aged children. This assignment was also not included or referenced in the teacher’s weekly lesson plans that are reviewed and approved in advance of instruction.”

Affair…Mistress…Boytoy…Trophy Wife…. terms every eleven year old should know, obviously.