Hebrew National Pulls Ads From Sean Hannity’s Show

Hannah Bleau

Well guys. It looks like it’s time to take a break from smashing your Keurigs. Time to switch gears and focus on hotdogs.

Hebrew National has announced that it will no longer run ads on Sean Hannity’s show.

I’m confused. If the advertising is “not intended to be an endorsement of or sponsorship of any particular program,” why are they pulling it? That doesn’t make any sense.

Once again, allow me to remind you that this all started with Media Matters’ campaign to “stop Sean Hannity.” It started way back in August, long before he gave Senate GOP candidate Roy Moore air time.

People are pissed.

That’s my issue. Right there. The left believes advertisers should pull their ads from Hannity, because Hannity is an apologist for pedophiles. That’s the logic (or lack thereof) behind this movement. In other words, it’s based on an outright lie. Hannity is not an apologist for pedophiles. He had Moore on his show, and he actually grilled him. It wasn’t a butt-kissing fest.

No one’s apologizing for a pedophile. The issue is, Moore’s being accused and treated as if he’s guilty. That’s why so many people have a problem. Also, lame coffee joke. There are other coffee makers out there, moron.

Way to go, Hebrew National. Way. To. Go.