Women’s Convention Chooses Bernie Sanders As Keynote Speaker

Hannah Bleau

Liberal feminists are a complete joke. They preach about #empowerment and #equality and #tolerance but throw all of their “principles” (HA HA HA HA HA HA! Yeah right. Feminists and principles = oil and water) the minute they meet a woman who holds different views. Heck, former First Lady Michelle Obama actually said that women who voted against Hillary Clinton don’t like their own voice.

They’re SO pro-women. But if you’re a pro-life, bra-wearing, armpit shaving, government-stay-out-of-my-life kinda gal, they hate you. Wait, no. You hate yourself.

ANYWHO. For those who don’t know, the Women’s Convention is coming up. (It’s been described as another version of the Women’s March in DC. Same crowd.) It’s taking place in Detroit, and organizers have selected a SUPER FEMINIST keynote speaker: It’s a 76-year-old man by the name of Bernie Sanders!

Yep. The keynote speaker is an old, crusty white dude. Because #feminism. And #diversity.

‘Cause THAT makes sense. Except not. Even liberal women are mad. Some of them are threatening to leave the Women’s March movement.

The Women’s March scrambled and released this statement:

Holy mother of TONE DEAF.