WARNING: This Is Highly Disturbing. And At Some Point, Someone Is Going To Have To Explain To This Woman’s 8-Year Old Son How She Died.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Did y’all hear the story about the Russian chick vacationing in the Dominican Republic with her friend recently?

Natalia Borodina, an absolutely stunning 35-year old from Moscow, was in the passenger seat of a car her friend Ivanna was driving.  Natalia was in a bikini, but apparently thought it would be super fun to take her bikini top off, hang out of the car window, and have her friend, the DRIVER OF THE CAR, video tape her as she made suggestive gestures at the camera.

It was a really terrible idea.

When I first read the article at the sourcelink, and saw the still photos, and watched the first part of the video that was available there (which cuts off riiiiight before the moment Natalia smashes her head into a lamp post), and then I read that she had an 8 year old son, all I could think of is that he would, at some point, not only know how his mother died, but also would likely SEE the moment his mother died, because the internet is forever, and the full video (which includes the moment of impact) will exist on it forever.   Her son was with her on this vacation in the DR, apparently.  What a completely pointless and idiotic way for a child to have to lose his mom.

This is yet another reason that people should stop putting stupid crap all over social media, especially while they are FREAKING DRIVING.

Now, I read this story while I was on the air with Daisy early Thursday morning, and I’m not gonna lie – I wanted to see how the video actually ended.  Liveleak has it.  It’s disturbing, I’m not encouraging you to watch it, but I know that if you’re anything like me, you’re curious.  Daisy and Producer Rob were curious.  We all watched it, and our Executive Producer and Program Director watched it.  Mr. Mock watched it.  Probably because we just couldn’t believe that anyone would do something so utterly senseless.

So that’s your warning.  If you wanna see it, click here.  If you don’t, then don’t.  There’s nudity, there’s inappropriateness, and there’s a really horrible ending (although it’s not gory or graphic except for the fact that you know what’s happened.)

To the extent that it’s appropriate for you to share this story with people you love, if only to warn them to stop capturing every stupid thing they do on camera, then share.  I’ll be over here, weeping for humanity.