San Juan Mayor Accuses President Trump Of Genocide

Hannah Bleau

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz– the anti-Trump chick who wore a “NASTY” shirt, because she’s a #NastyWoman–…

… has now accused President Trump of genocide.

I am not making this up.

“I ask every American that has love, and not hate in their hearts, to stand with Puerto Rico and let this President know we WILL NOT BE LEFT TO DIE,” the mayor said in the statement, which she asked Mr. Gutierrez to read on the House floor or at a press conference.


“I ask the United Nations, UNICEF and the world to stand with the people of Puerto Rico and stop the genocide that will result from the lack of appropriate action of a President that just does not get it because he has been incapable of looking in our eyes and seeing the pride that burns fiercely in our hearts and souls,” the mayor continued.

She acts like we’ve been ignoring Puerto Rico. Are you kidding? Aid has been flowing in. If anything, local leaders like herself should look in the mirror. Word has it THEY’RE the ones not distributing the aid for political reasons. But this is Trump’s fault. He single-handedly caused Hurricane Maria to destroy Puerto Rico and subsequently gave them all the middle finger. He is responsible for mass genocide.

She really is nasty.

h/t The Washington Times