Pharmacist Who Fills Scripts For Lawmakers Hints That Some Of Them May Have Alzheimer’s

Hannah Bleau

You know how we always half-joke that Rep. Nancy Pelosi is suffering from dementia because she always forgets that George W. Bush isn’t president anymore?

Sit back and buckle up.

Mike Kim is the “pharmacist-turned-owner” of “Washington’s oldest community pharmacy, Grubb’s.” It regularly fills hundreds of prescriptions for members of Congress and their families. That being said, Kim is quite familiar with lawmakers’ ailments. He didn’t name names, but it sounds like he’s suggesting that some members of Congress are legitimately dealing with symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Someone’s prescribing those drugs. That’s all I’m saying.

“At first it’s cool, and then you realize, I’m filling some drugs that are for some pretty serious health problems as well. And these are the people that are running the country,” Kim said, listing treatments for conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.


“It makes you kind of sit back and say, ‘Wow, they’re making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday.’”

He’s talking about Nancy Pelosi here, right? OMG he HAS to be! Here’s why I believe that.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

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Exhibit C:

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Exhibit D:

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And so on and so forth.

It’s either her or Auntie Maxine.

One of those loons has to be on some heavy drugs to keep the crazy at bay.

h/t Stat News