Man Who Planted An ‘Explosive Device’ At Regional North Carolina Airport Says He Wanted To ‘Fight A War On U.S. Soil’

Hannah Bleau

I can’t believe I’m just hearing about this now.

On Friday, authorities arrested a man after he planted an “explosive device that contained ammonium nitrate and fuel oil at a regional North Carolina airport.” He reportedly placed the device outside of the airport terminal.

He said he did it because he wanted to “fight a war on U.S. soil.”

The suspect, Michael Christopher Estes, is charged with attempted malicious use of explosive materials and unlawful possession of explosive materials in an airport.


During his first appearance in federal court Tuesday, he waived his right to a preliminary hearing. A federal judge assigned an attorney to Estes, fin ding that he is indigent.


The criminal complaint, filed by FBI agent James A. Anderson and read in court Tuesday, states that Asheville Regional Airport police officers found “what appeared to be an improvised explosive device” early Friday morning outside the airport terminal.

According to reports, Estes “admitted that he placed the explosive device at the Asheville Airport and “explained that he bought the precursor materials at Walmart and Lowe’s.”

“Estes described how he created the device using ammonium nitrate and the Sterno as a fuel source and then rigged the alarm clock to strike the matches and cause the flame necessary to trigger the device,” the complaint states. “Estes admitted to putting the nails in the device as well.”


Estes claimed that he did not actually set the alarm clock, though.

Clearly, he planned this for days.

On Friday, a TSA officer tested the substance in the device and it was positive for ammonium nitrate, a “widely used and regulated bulk industrial explosive,” the complaint states. A bomb dog approached the device and “signaled,” indicating “the presence of an explosive material.


“The device at the airport consisted of a Mason type jar with a lid that was locked down by an incorporated locking device,” the complaint states. “There were prills — pellets or solid globules of a substance formed by the congealing of a liquid during processing — inside the jar and two plastic cups containing an unknown liquid substance, believed to be the fuel source,” the complaint states. “There were pieces of cold compress packs inside the jar.”

Thank goodness no one was injured by this complete psycho.

h/t USA Today