I Can’t WAIT For Celebrity Speeches At The Next Golden Globes, Y’all! Here’s Why.

Daisy, Co-Founder

The Golden Globes are on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018, and for once in a gazillion years – I’m actually looking forward to the show, y’all.

Yep.  I’m marking my calendar.

Now, I haven’t watched a full one of these “pat-me-on-the-back-and-give-me-and-awaaaaard-for-the-12th-time-this-year-OMG-I’m-an-insecure-celebrity!” narcissist-fests in years.  I’ve taken a few peeks on occasion over the years while my fellow Chicks and I engaged in Facebook chats about said award shows, simply because I have to discuss said fashion and (obvious) political haps in my radio gig.  Such is life, and I have followed fashion since way before Vogue started putting Kardashians on the cover and pro-abort liberals within its pages.

Anywho –  for me to actually sit through an entire awards show?  Aww hell no.

Most of us with Actual Brains know that those things have become hours-long celebrity-lecture-fests, and they’ve exhausted me, because I have an Actual Life.  I’m not alone, as ratings  have decreased considerably over the years.  I predict that middle America – those of us who actually LIVE in reality, rather than the bubble that is Hollyweird – will be doing two very distinct things on January 7th.  We’ll either be completely tuned out and doing something useful with our lives, or we’ll be tuned in with ears as open and wide as Weinstein-gate has seemed to reverberate.

Me?  I will be tuned in, because in light of everything Weinstein, my interest is piqued, but only for this rare occasion and for a specific reason, mind you. I’m beyond curious to see how these once holier-than-thou celebridiots deal with the backlash.  It’s pretty simple, really – I want to see what their little celebri-sermons morph into.  Because my biggest question is, frankly, whatcha gonna preach to us now, Hollywood?

Will the condescendingly pious and seemingly endless acceptance speeches be about misogynySexismHypocrisy?  Morality?

(Because we always love it when you preach to us out here in the real world about morality most of all.  That’s our favorite, Meryl Streep!)

Or are they going to have to go back to climate change?  Because dayum.

By now, we know that it wasn’t a secret what a steaming pile of scumbaggery Weinstein was, and continues to be.  And come to find out, this fact wasn’t a secret between actors and actresses who chose willingly to sit on his casting couch, with the exception of a few (I’m talking to you, Angelina Jolie) – and then they also chose willingly to work, and continue to work again and again – with Mr. Scumbag:

If you were a woman working for or meeting with Weinstein, you had to know. It was a matter of survival. Women employed by Weinstein would offer each other advice. Wear a parka if he wants to meet with you as a barrier against unwelcome advances. Double up if he asks for a solo meeting. Emily Nestor, one of many women who alleged that she was harassed at the company in the New Yorker story, said the mistreatment of women was a perpetual problem within Weinstein’s New York offices.

The article cited above said that it’s the “culture now.”  It also said it’s “not about the women,” but about the men, you see, and all the seeeeexxxxism of said culture.  And I suppose that may be what the bobbleheads preach to us in January.  Perhaps it’ll be about men and how utterly terrible they are – because I’m seeing a lot of that this week.  Men = bad.  Even though this was one man and a bunch of women not banding together to bring this one man down.

(You heard it here first, y’all.  It’s not like that industry isn’t predictable…they’re redoing 80s movies like craaaaazy now, because there’s zero originality.)

Now, people will say I’m victim blaming here, but I’m actually just relaying data  – women took payoffs to remain silent, which in turn, ended UP contributing to the perpetuation of the culture.  Additionally, men didn’t speak up, either, which has also contributed to the perpetuation of the culture.   Then you have both men AND women in Hollywood who just knew about Weinstein’s scumbaggery by osmosis, and they worked with him anyway.  They went to benefits he threw.   They had no problem watching him give money to their presidential candidate.  They watched his bank account grow. And they watched their bank accounts grow as a result.

The culture is a cancer, indeed. But it’s a cancer the entire industry fully knew they had in their body and never sought care for – for decades.  It’s as if they thought they were above the cancer.  It’s as if they thought it would never metastasize.

Just like they’ve always thought they are above the rest of us, frankly.

Even the Michael Moores of the world preached about what a misogynist jerk our president is by making inappropriate comments about a woman in a trailer 15 years ago as if he’s some champion for women, yet Moore had no issue making a movie with Weinstein.  Convenient, isn’t it?  About as convenient as NBC burying this Weinstein madness to begin with.  Or about as convenient as Kate Winslet having disgust for Weinstein, but then simultaneously doing a movie with Woody Allen, the disgusting pedophile.

Ummmm, alright Hollywood.

Yes, I’m looking forward to the Golden Globes.  It’s three months out, and it’ll be interesting to see if there will be any introspection.  Any looking in mirrors beyond contouring and selfie-prep.  Will they have  actually learned anything from all this “cancerous” culture

I’m in.