NFL Ratings Continue To Tumble

Hannah Bleau

The NFL has been scrambling. I don’t think the league was prepared for the level of backlash it received. It’s crazy to think about. Do they really not know their base?

A week after the weekend of kneeling, a bunch of NFL teams tried to backtrack. Some chose to take a knee BEFORE the anthem, in order to satisfy both sides.

It’s not working. NFL ratings took another nosedive in Week 4.

NEW YORK (AP) — The National Football League is continuing a steady decline in audience, with its fourth week of games having the smallest audience on a weekend when some conservatives called for a boycott because some of its players used the national anthem to protest against police treatment of minorities.

You hear that? The “smallest audience on a weekend.” That’s gotta sting.

According to Neilsen, ratings have dropped every single weekend.  Here are the averages:

Week 1: 16.3 million viewers

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Week 2: 15.8 million viewers

Week 3: 14.8 million viewers

Week 4: 13.8 million viewers

Looks like they’re on the path to get 12. 8 million this week.

Like I’ve said before, I’m a terrible boycotter. I’m one of those people who say, “Yeah– but will just ME not watching this show or not purchasing this item make a difference?”

But it does make a difference. Boycotts can be really, really effective.

“Did it have an impact?” asked Brent Bozell, head of the conservative Media Research Center. “Yeah, it did. I can guarantee it did with one person — that’s me. Beyond that, I don’t know.”


Bozell said, however, that the MRC’s Facebook post calling for the one-week boycott was seen by nearly 35 million people.


An NFL spokesman, Brian McCarthy, said there was no indication that the boycott had any impact, both on television and in the stands. He noted how viewership in general is down for television, and that there has been great competition with a busy news period.


“NFL games continue to be the most valuable programming for networks and remain incredibly strong,” he said.

I’m not surprised that the NFL is downplaying this. I think they realize what they started and want to pretend it never happened, but America-loving football fans don’t forget.

Will the downward trend continue? We’ll see what happens this weekend…

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