Retired Marine Captain Asks Pelosi A Question On Gun Control… She FAILS

Ashley (Kimber)

The Democrats are all yelling that we MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT GUN VIOLENCE NOWWWWWW!!!

They have absolutely no idea what that “something” is, which is why they’re going after suppressors now.

Remember that the Vegas shooter didn’t even USE a suppressor. But what does that matter? It LOOKS like the Dems are doing something MEANINGFUL.

Any conservative who DARES ask how that has anything to do with what’s going on is an AUTOMATIC NAZI!

Last night, Pelosi held a “Town Hall” meeting on CNN. A retired Marine Captain asked her “what new law could we put out there that would stop something like this.”

Her answer is…. so. dumb.

“Gun violence prevention background checks.”

Oh, Pelosi… you really are an idiot, aren’t you?

CNN made sure no one called her on any of her garbage:

This is so ridiculous….. IF the Democrats ACTUALLY cared to look in to what happened, or had ANY clue as to what going on… they’d be looking into the rules surrounding bump stocks. (I’m not necessarily saying they should… just that it would make a lot more sense than what they’re going after now.)

But they’re not.

They’re moaning about suppressors (or “silencers” as they call them) which the shooter didn’t have….

and background checks… which the shooter would have passed.

It makes me wonder… do the DEMS actually WANT to “end gun violence” and “save lives” …. or do they just want something to keep complaining about?

You’re doing GREAT, Pelosi. Keep up the good work….

h/t: Twitchy