Open Letter To Liberals Who Don’t Understand Why America Is Ticked At The NFL

Hannah Bleau

I grew up in a household that lived for football season. As a kid, I hated it. I didn’t understand the hype. As I grew older, it hit me. I grew into it. It may sound silly, but no matter how stressful life got– and it got pretty stressful, growing up with a sibling with numerous medical problems– NFL weekends became my escape. It was our escape. It was one of the stress-free things we could all do as a family. It took our minds off the mundane stressors of life. My mom and I would plan our NFL snacks days in advance. We’d giggle as we searched through Taste Of Home magazines for new recipes, and we would anxiously count down the days until kickoff. We’d buy matching jerseys and represent our team days before kickoff.  It was the one day we looked forward to. When Sunday came– no matter how bad the week had been– we’d all sit around the couch, turn off our brains, chow down on some dips and enjoy the sport as a family.

It was an escape.

I’ve carried that over to my adult life. Football has been my escape. No politics. No cultural rot. No worries about money, bills or the future. The only thing I have to worry about is a bad call.

I can’t say that anymore. It all changed Sunday. That’s when it hit me. Football is no longer an escape.

The kneeling protests have been a thing for quite some time, but on Sunday, I turned on the Jaguars/Ravens game just in time to see members on both teams kneel for the national anthem.  I really didn’t think they’d do that in London. They’re representing America over there, and those fools dared to kneel?

That was it. That’s when it really hit me. This wasn’t something I could ignore or dismiss as a few rogue players. Political sewage found its way into my favorite American pastime. The cultural rot is spreading. I can no longer watch a simple NFL game without watching some virtue-signaling loser attempt to draw attention to himself.

Here’s the thing, liberals. I don’t care what President Trump says about the players. That doesn’t change my position. I don’t care if the owner of my team wrote a letter, expressing his disappointment in Trump’s remarks. That doesn’t change my position. Whether they like it or not, their form of protest is disrespectful to the men and women who defend the flag and everything it stands for. They can say, “Oh! But we’re protesting inequality!” all day long, but it doesn’t change the fact that their actions are disrespectful.  Do they really think taking a knee does anything to combat “inequality”? Because newsflash: It doesn’t. (No word on what form of inequality they’re protesting. The fact that 70% of NFL players are black, maybe? Or the disproportionate amount of violence and crime in liberal-run hellholes like Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit? Or the astonishing stats on black-on-black crime? Or the rate of the breakdown of the black nuclear family? Eh– who am I kidding? All of those things are Trump’s fault. Clearly. And obviously, I’m a raging racist for merely making those FACTUAL statements.)

Think about it. Would employers tolerate this behavior in any other job? If your waitress spotted your Trump lanyard and took a knee– in the middle of the restaurant– to protest you and your bigotry, would that be acceptable? I mean, sure. FREE SPEECH! She’d have every right to voice her opinion, but her employer would have every right to reprimand her or ultimately, fire her. Why? Would the owner be violating her First Amendment rights? No. Not at all.

There’s a time and a place. Kneeling in the middle of a restaurant would be classless. Plug that scenario into any other job, liberals. It wouldn’t be tolerated. My point is, this isn’t a free speech argument, so stop with that nonsense.

I disagree with their reasons for protesting, mostly because I don’t believe they have legitimate reasons to protest. Even if they did have valid reasons, there are other ways for those ungrateful millionaires to express their meritless grievances. They don’t have to slap our military members in the process. And they can continue to say that they’re not, but they are.

Liberals– I’m sick of you calling me a racist for expressing my disapproval of these meritless protests– and they’re just that. Meritless. Many of you have tried to argue that it’s more than warranted. One of the main reasons? Because our President supports the KKK. I can’t tell you how many people have been saying crap like that on Twitter. Point being, so many of these demonstrations are based on blatant lies. “Trump isn’t inclusive!” “He hates minorities!” “He supports the KKK!” “Conservatives hate free speech!” Police are racist!” I’ve heard it all. You ignorantly repeat the same lie over and over and over until it sticks in people’s heads.  You’ve even convinced yourself. It doesn’t matter that it’s not based on reality. These “courageous” players are taking a knee to fight systematic oppression! It doesn’t matter that there’s no such thing. You liberals can’t even give examples. It’s “your truth,” which isn’t truth at all. It’s a lie, and you’re a sucker for believing it.

If NFL players really believed any of that, they’d stand up, take the resources they’ve been blessed with and DO something about whatever it is they’re protesting. Why don’t they invest their money in the broken communities they’re supposedly standing up for? Why don’t they start programs designed to help inner city kids from falling into a life of crime? Why don’t they volunteer at a soup kitchen and feed the poor minorities they claim to kneel for? Why don’t they kneel down and serve others?

Taking a knee on the field doesn’t actually accomplish anything. It’s another form of virtue-signaling. It’s a way for players to look like they care without actually doing anything. Everything else requires work. They don’t want to actually make a difference. They want to start a political firestorm, and they can do that by doing nothing more than sitting on their pretentious a$$es in front of the camera during the national anthem. Their intentions aren’t pure, and America knows it. That’s why we’re upset.

Conservatives aren’t going to allow the mainstream media to fool them. Not this time. The heart and soul of America is disgusted by the NFL’s actions. I can’t tell you how many people I know who are canceling their NFL packages and straight up burning jerseys. They’re done. They’re sick of the disrespect. They’re sick of being told that they’re racist, sexist, bigoted and homophobic at every turn. They’re sick of the left repeating lie after lie after lie about our amazing country and servicemen– our servicemen who made it possible for those clowns to rise up and become everything you liberals claim to hate– wealthy individuals of influence.

Football was their escape. You guys ruined it.

The heart of America is over it. MSM will try to present another narrative, but it’s not real. It’s like election 2016 all over again. MSM tried to tell us America was all in for Hillary. It wasn’t. Now, they’re trying to tell us America is all for the NFL protests. It’s not. (There’s a reason Alejandro Villanueva’s jersey is a top seller right now.)

We’re sick of this egregious behavior. Football has been an escape for a lot of people, and social justice warriors have ruined it. They ruined one of the last pure things we’ve known and loved. Football had a way of allowing people to bond, tease and build relationships on something other than politics. That’s changed. It’s now a politically charged entity. It’s just as murky and gross as everything else in our cultural swamp. It’s officially the latest battle in America’s culture war, and I hope I’m right when I say, you’re going to lose this one, liberals. America isn’t with you. If you refuse to stand for our country, we refuse to stand and support you.

We the People have the power. We control the free market.

Those millionaire NFL players taking a knee should be ashamed of themselves for disrespecting our flag and those who defend it. We have every right to call them out. The more the you leftists hurl names our way, the more united we become. You think NFL players linking arms in solidarity is powerful? You haven’t seen anything yet.

You took away our escape, and if we’re going down, we’re going down swinging.

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