President Trump Delivers A Direct Address To The UN General Assembly

Hannah Bleau

President Trump delivered his first address before the UN General Assembly, and he didn’t play politics. He didn’t apologize for the United States. He actually spoke of our nation PROUDLY.

He laid down the law. He told those jokers that WE’VE been the constant force of good in the world. WE’VE sacrificed our own people for the sake of peace across the globe. He straight up said Americans have paid the ultimate price to defend the freedom of all the nations in that room. And after it was all said and done, we didn’t seek territory or seek to impose our way of life on others. He also told the UN he’s sick of deals where the US gets NOTHING in return.

Bam. Boom. POW.

He also “went there.”

He told the assembly that we desire harmony and friendship. Not conflict and strife.

He also railed against North Korea and said the UN needs to step it up, or we’ll take matters into our own hands. And yes. He called Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man.”

He also railed against Iran and called the Iran deal an “embarrassment” to the United States. Look at this guy’s face at the end of this clip. It’s PRICELESS.

I LOVE IT. Look at his face again. He’s SO uncomfortable. And look at Netanyahu nodding proudly. I LOVE THIS SO HARD.

He also vowed to destroy radical Islamic terrorism. He said we’re working to “crush” the “loser terrorists.”

In addition, he called for UN reform and mentioned that the US pays a totally unfair share. He even mocked the UN for having nations with “egregious human rights records” sit on the Human Rights Council.

And you guys– Trump SLAMMED socialism. He had the stones to say that Venezuela is failing BECAUSE socialism was PROPERLY implemented. He paused, and no one wanted to clap, because of course. There are a bunch of socialist-sympathizing clowns all up in the General Assembly.

I’m so proud right now.

I love that we finally have a leader who doesn’t use his speech to apologize for America.