Are Some Cultures Better Than Others?

Ashley (Kimber)

Listen folks, we all know this question makes a lot of people uncomfortable…

But it has to be asked.

Are some cultures better than others?

“If all cultures are equal, how does one account for the fact that for the past 500 years, it has been one culture, the culture of the west, that has shaped the world.”

This is NOT a racist statement. No one is placing doubt on whether people outside of the west are CAPABLE of innovation, freedom of expression, respect of women, etc…. they’re just stating the FACT that other cultures do NOT share Western values.

He also mentions something important….Western culture is often chided by the Left to have been “built on slavery.” Slavery has existed in EVERY culture. “What is uniquely Western, in fact, is not slavery….but the ABOLITION of slavery” …an interesting fact that the Left seems to gloss over.

Very VERY controversial…. but worth thinking about.