Hillary’s Book Is ALREADY 40% Off

Ashley (Kimber)

So Hillary’s infamous book is officially out today, but as of yesterday something veeeeery interesting was going on.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Two huge booksellers, Amazon and Walmart, have already cut the price of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 tell-all by 40 percent — and it isn’t even available yet.


Set to be released Tuesday, both have priced “What Happened?” at $17.99.

Publisher Simon and Schuster set a price of $30.


Much of what’s in her book has already been reported on, thanks to leaked copies of the Democratic presidential candidate’s latest work.


The price cut, however, has likely helped to boost sales. It is No. 1 on Amazon.

I have a theory. I could be wrong here, but I think both retailers were instructed to slash the price on the day before official release to inflate sales and up its “best seller” rankings.

Can you imagine if Hillary DOESN’T top all the best seller lists? She’ll literally burn everything to the ground.

Here’s something else she’s not gonna like. I tried typing “What Happened” in to Walmart’s search bar:


That’s the FIRST result. Her book is underneath it.

Surely they’ll “fix” that soon, which is why I haaaad to take a screenshot of this beautiful moment.

You’re welcome.