ESPN Executive Responds To “Robert Lee” Debacle

Ashley (Kimber)

Everyone’s talking about the ESPN “Robert Lee” situation because honestly, it’s totally whack.

Apparently, an anonymous ESPN executive has responded….

So let’s break this down, shall we?

This wasn’t about offending anyone. It was about the reasonable possibility that because of his name he would be subjected to memes and jokes and who knows what else. Think bout it. Robert Lee comes to town to do a game in Charlottesville. The reaction to our switching a young, anonymous play by play guy for a streamed ACC game is off the charts – reasonable proof that the meme/joke possibility was real.

Ok, so I see how that’s possible…. but it looks like the guy goes by Bob Lee the majority of the time. So would it have really been as obvious as they’re making it out to be? It seems like a good ol’ case of HYPER sensitivity that really, REALLY backfired. I would have definitely taken a few memes over what’s happening now…

So, when the protests in Charlottesville were happening, we raised with him the notion of switching games. Something we do all the time. We didn’t make him. We asked him. Eventually we mutually agreed to switch.

THEY asked HIM. EVENTUALLY he agreed to it. Keyword: eventually. I’d really like to know how that conversation went down. I’m sure it was suuuuuper “mutual.”

No biggie until someone leaked it to embarrass us and him. They got their way.

No one is trying to embarrass him. People are outwardly DEFENDING him. What’s embarrassing about that? ESPN on the other hand…. yeah, they SHOULD be embarrassed.

That’s what happened.


No politically correct efforts. No race issues. Just trying to be supporting of a young guy who felt it best to avoid the potential zoo.

Interesting….. you’re just being supportive of him? Because you literally just said it was your idea, that he EVENTUALLY agreed to. Way to contradict yourself, dumba$$.

This is SO pathetic. But totally expected from ESPN…

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